Exámenes PAU: Situaciones

Los ejemplos siguientes corresponden a la actividad número cuatro de la prueba, es decir, la actividad conocida como 'situations'. A continuación veremos posibles situaciones y las posibles respuestas que podemos dar.


Example Situations

-       Your parents have given you some money. Invite your best friend to the cinema.

-       Your brother has lost the tickets for the football match. What can you do? Make a suggestion.

-       On Friday afternoon your sister is bored at home. Make an interesting suggestion

Possible Answers

-       Why don’t you / we go to the movies tonight?

-       You / we could visit New York while you’re / we’re there.

-       Let’s go to the travel agent’s this afternoon to book our ticket.

-       What about asking your brother for help?

-       How about going to Hawaii for your vacation?

-       I suggest you, we take all the factors into consideration before we decide.

-       I suggest that we should ...

-       I think we should...


Example Situations

-       You are invited to a party and you would like to go. What would you say?

-       Your parents ask you to go with them to Vancouver on holiday and you accept. What would you say?

-       A friend asks you to help him / her prepare a surprise party and you agree. What would you say?


Possible Answers

-       That’s a good idea!

-       What a good idea!

-       That sounds like a very good idea!

-       Yes, why not!

-       Yes, let’s...



Example Situations

-       You’re invited to a party but you wouldn’t like to go. What would you say?

-       Your parents ask you to go with them to Miami on holiday but you don’t accept. What would you say?

-       A friend asks you to help him/her prepare a surprise party and you disagree. What would you say?


Possible Answers

-       I don’t think it is a very good idea.

-       That doesn’t sound like a very good idea to me.

-       No, let’s not go.


Example Situations

-       There is no hot water in your hotel bedroom.

-       The waiter has brought you something you did not order.

-       You are at the library studying for an exam and there are lots of students talking and you can’t study.


Possible Answers

-       I’m sorry to have to say this but...

-       I’m sorry to bother you, but...

-       Maybe you forgot to...

-       Don’t get me wrong, but I think we should...

-       I’m afraid to say this... / I’m afraid that ...

-       I’m fed up with...

-       I can’t stand...

-       I wish you wouldn’t...



Example Situations

-       Your classmates think that they should wear uniform at school. Give your opinion.

-       Your teacher tells you that you have to do some extra activities during the exam period. Give your opinion.

-       Prices in the cafeteria are going to be lowered. What is your opinion?


Possible Answers

-       I quite/absolutely/entirely agree with you...

-       I think you are (absolutely) right.

-       I see what you mean, but...

-       I can see that but...

-       I suppose you can be right but...

-       I’m sorry but I don’t agree with...

-       You can’t be serious...

-       I think that is nonsense...

-       I’m afraid I have to disagree with you.

-       I agree with much / most of what you say, but...



Example Situations

-       You and your friend are in London and you don’t know how to get to the London Eye.

-       You want to take a bus to the beach but you don’t know which line to take.

-       You go to a shopping centre to buy a new laptop but you don’t know which one to buy.


Possible Answers

-       Could you tell me...?

-       Do you know...?

-       I’d like to know...

-       Could/Can you give me any information about/on..., please?

-       I’m interested in...

-       I’m looking for...


Example Situations

-       You have a terrible headache. Ask your mother for some advice.

-       Your boy/girlfriend has asked you to live together. Ask your friend for advice.

-       You don’t know exactly what to study so you go to talk to the school counsellor.


Possible Answers

-       I’m not sure what to do...

-       Could you give me some advice about...?

-       Do you think I should...?

-       What would you advise me to do....?

-       What would you recommend...?

-       I’d like some advice about...

-       What would you do if you were me?



Example Situations

-       Your sister has problems in her job and asks you for advice.

-       Your father is very stressed because he is always working.

-       Your best friend spends all the money s/he earns and s/he has economic problems.


Possible Answers

-       I (don’t) think you should...

-       You should... / You shouldn’t...

-       If I were you, I’d...

-       If I were in your positions, I’d...

-       You had better... / You’d better...

-       Whatever you do, ....



Example Situations

-       A friend of yours invites you to a concert but you don’t feel like going.

-       Your mother invites you to go shopping with her this afternoon.

-       Your favourite football team plays and your brother gets some tickets and invites you to go.


Possible Answers

-       That sounds very nice...

-       That’s very kind of you...

-       Lovely! / That’s great! / Wonderful!

-       Thank you very much / so much.



Example Situations

-       Would you like to see a film tonight?

-       Do you fancy going to the cinema?

-       You will go to the cinema, won’t you?


Possible Answers

-       I’m afraid I can’t go out tonight. I’ve got a test tomorrow.

-       That’s very kind of you but...

-       Thank you very much but...

-       Thank you but I’d rather... / I prefer...

-       I wish I could but...

-       Sorry, but I’m not very fond of... / very keen on...


Example Situations

-       You watch an old woman having problems carrying some bags.

-       You work as a shop assistant in a clothes shop. You look at a man who seems a little bit lost.

-       You are walking down the street and you see a child crying on the floor.


Possible Answers

-       May/Can I help you?

-       Are you looking for something?

-       Would you like some help?

-       Do you need some help?

-       What can I do for you?

-       Is there anything I can do (to help)?

-       Can I give you a hand with...?



Example Situations

-       You are very tired because you have studied a lot. You want a sandwich and your mother is in the kitchen.

-       You arrive at a very big shopping centre and you don’t know where the supermarket is. Ask for help.

-       You are in New York and you are looking for the Madison Square Garden.


Possible Answers

-       I’d like to have...

-       I need...

-       Could / Will you please...?

-       I’m looking for...

-       Would you mind...?

-       Do me a favour...



Example Situations

-       You and your brother have forgotten your mother’s birthday.

-       Accidentally, you drop an ice cream on your best friend’s jacket.

-       You have forgotten your homework and your teacher wants to have a look at them.


Possible Answers

-       I’m sorry.

-       I made a mistake.

-       Please accept my apologies.

-       I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to...



Example Situations

-       You are at a shop and you can’t decide which trousers (the black or the blue ones) to buy.

-       You have just finished a difficult paper but you are not happy with it. Ask your opinion to your classmates.


Possible Answers 

-       What do you think...?

-       What are your thoughts about...?

-       What do you feel...?


Example Situations

-       Your best friend has broken his leg for the second time this year. What would you say?

-       Your best friend gets a ten in a very difficult subject. Congratulate him/her.

-       Your sister tells you that she is getting married next week. What would you say?


Possible Answers

-       What a good / great / wonderful....!

-       Well done!

-       Congratulations on...

-       What a pity / shame...!

-       I’m sorry about...

-       Never mind.

-       I know how it feels.



Example Situations

-       The soup tastes terrible in an expensive restaurant.

-       Your favourite team loses the match although they were wining during the fist half.

-       You meet your favourite actor and he doesn’t pay attention to you.


Possible Answers

-       Excuse me, but I think this soup is not good.

-       What a terrible...!

-       What a disappointment!

-      You were terrible!