Unit Zero







        Body Parts







        To Be [explanation] - [activities]

        Have Got [explanation] - [activities]

        There Is / There Are [explanation] - [activities]

        Present Simple [explanation- [activities]

        Present Continuous [explanation- [activities]


Unit One



        Food And Drink

        Describing Food


        Some & Any [explanation- [activities]

        Some & Any II [explanation]

        There Is / There Are [explanation- [activities] 


Unit Two




        Describing Art



        Present Simple vs. Present Continuous [explanation- [activities]

        Present Simple [explanation- [activities]

        Present Continuous [explanation- [activities]

Unit Three



        Sports Equipment

        Action Verbs



        Comparative Adjectives [explanation- [activities]

        Superlative Adjectives [explanation- [activities]

        Equality and Inferiority [explanation- [activities]

        Too / Enough [explanation] - [activities]

Unit Four



        Travel Items

        Geographical Features



        Past Simple [explanation- [activities]

        There was / There were [explanation- [activities]

Unit Five







        Past Continuous [explanation- [activities]

        Past Simple And Past Continuous [explanation- [activities]

Unit Six



        Clothing and Accessories

        Describing Fashion



        Modal Verbs: General Uses [explanation] – [activities]

        Can [explanation] – [activities]

        Could [explanation] – [activities]

        Must [explanation] – [activities]

        Should [explanation] – [activities]

        Have To [explanation] – [activities]

Unit Seven




        Space Travel



       Will Future [explanation– [activities]

       Going To [explanation– [activities]

       Present Continuos (Future Meaning) [explanation] – [activities]

       First Conditional [explanation] – [activities]

Unit Eight



        Around Town

        The Environment




       Present Perfect Simple [explanation– [activities]

       Present Perfect & Past Simple [explanation]

       Already, Just, Yet [explanation] – [activities]

       For / Since [explanation] – [activities]

Unit Nine



        Mobile Phones

        Describing Technology



        Present Simple Passive [explanation– [activities]

        Past Simple Passive [explanation– [activities]