Vocabulary Practice: All Units
              VOCABULARY FOLDER [flashcards and activities]

    Unit 0: Review of Tenses


       Present Continuous [explanation– [activities]

       Present Simple [explanation– [activities]

       Present Simple & Continuous [explanation– [activities]

       Past Simple [explanation– [activities]

       Past Continuous [explanation– [activities]

       Past Simple & Past Continuous [explanation– [activities] 

       Will Future [explanation– [activities]

       Going To [explanation– [activities]

       Present Continuos (Future Meaning) [explanation] – [activities]

     Unit 1



                   Present Perfect Simple [explanation– [activities]

      Past Perfect Simple [explanation– [activities]

      Present Perfect Continuous [explanation]

                   Past Perfect & Past Simple [explanation– [activities] 


            ●       Already, Just & Yet [explanation– [activities]

                   Present Perfect & Past Simple [explanation– [activities]

                   For & Since [explanation] – [activities]

Unit 2


       Future Tenses Review [explanation]

            ●       Future Perfect [explanation]

            ●       Future Continuous [explanation]

Unit 3 



       Relative Pronouns [explanation]

       Relative Adverbs [explanation]

       Relative Clauses: General View [explanation]

       Defining Relative Clauses [explanation]

       Non-defining Relative Clauses [explanation]

Unit 4



       Modal Verbs [explanation] – [activities]

       Modal Perfects [explanation] – [activities]


                    Modal Verbs [Rephrasing Practice]

Unit 5



       First Conditional [explanation] – [activities]

       Second Conditional [explanation] – [activities]

       Third Conditional [explanation]

Unit 6



       The Passive Voice [explanation]

       Have Something Done [explanation]

Unit 7



       Reported Speech: Basic [explanation] – [activities]

       Reported Speech: Advanced [explanation]

       Reported Speech: Reporting Verbs [explanation]