The Importance of ICT

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The information and communication technologies offer the possibility to interact with people from other countries and to have access to up-to-date information. Through the learning of a foreign language the students must search, find, process and communicate information using different media. Using electronic resources is important because it helps to acquire all the necessary skills of a language. The use of electronic dictionaries, search engines, blogs, podcasts, etc. can help students to access real language.

For that reason, I decided to create Bluebloc Notes back in 2009, which is a website where I've included different resources which may be useful for English learners or other teachers. Even though it's been hard to create original contents and materials I can see that most of my students are motivated by the use of the website, as they can review everything we do in the classroom, practice with interactive activities, at the same time they collaborate with their own ideas. In Bluebloc Notes they have the possibility to read carefully grammar explanations, which they have already seen in class, read writing tips and structures, they can contact me, watch videos, listen to music, make commentaries and many more. I have even created the classroom section of the site, where the students can go and check the contents they are learning organized according to their levels and the books we are using. There, they can read the explanations and practice with interactive activities.


This project came together with the elaboration of materials I use in the classroom,  which not only include photocopies, but also PowerPoint presentations, games, etc. following different audiovisual strategies which means they are motivating and challenging for our learners. Doing so, everything I do is interrelated, which is translated into a more efficient environment for the learning process to take place.


However, there are yet many things to do, but seeing the use the students give to the website, as well as the results I obtain thanks to it I can clearly see that it’s a job which is more than effective for me as a teacher. For that reason I consider that the ICT world must be present in the teaching process, as our students are digital natives and we must adapt our teaching process to that reality.

Jonás Calcines

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